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Avalon - Teddy Wilson with DutchSwingCollege 1976

Avalon - Teddy Wilson with DSC 1976

In 1the seventies pianist Teddy Wilson recorded several LP’s with the Dutch Swing College. Therefore it was a real pleasure to receive a film from a jazz friend in Germany of a filmed concert in Austria in 1976.
Clarinetist Bob Kaper has always been a fan of Benny Goodman. Next to the Dutch Swing College he runs his own group called the Flashback Quartet who play many of the Goodman arrangements.
So it is no wonder when Teddy Wilson did a concert with the band that one of these Goodman quartet tunes was being played. Bob swings just as hard as Goodman but still has his own sound. In the end they pick up on the standard Goodman arranged end. Wonderful job, Bob!

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