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Big Butter and Egg Man - Bobby Hackett

I want a big butter and egg man- Bobby Hackett 1955

Bobbby Hacket and his band started recording in some Hollywood studio. The eight jazzmen set up and the engineer checked the microphone placement until all parties were satisfied with acoustics of the first tests.
When the first take came back over the studio loudspeakers, it was hard to believe, hearing such relaxed and confident jazz, particularily since this group had never played together until a few days before.
Now, some 58 years later I cannot recall having heard such relaxed and beautiful jazz being played anywhere yet. These musicians were the champions then and as far as I’m concerned nobody has reached that level yet..
Of course cornetist Bobby Hackett as well as trombonist Jack Teagarden were both at their very best and as a result of this session several more recordings were made by the two with different back-up musiccians. This California back-up team was so good that this recording still stands out and is available on CD.
The other musicians were Abe Lincoln trombone, Matty Matlock clarinet, Nappy Lamare banjo, Don Owens piano, Phil Stephens tuba and Nick Fatool drums.
The original LP has been in my collection since the mid fifties, shortly after being released and you guessed it: still one of my favourrites.

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