mercoledì 15 aprile 2009

China Boy - Marty Grosz & his Hot Puppies 2005

China Boy - Marty Grosz & his Hot Puppies 2005

This probably is one of the most impressive China Boy versions I ever seen. I heard it and played it on many jazz festivals and I have about 18 different takes from different groups in my iTunes assortment.
From this session at the Swiss Ascona jazz festival the musicians seem to be on the edge. It looks like an instant arrangement with all kind of surprises being organized on the spot. This together with incredible musicianship makes this clip very exciting. All play with darn good jazz feel and that is a bonus as well. Bravo Marty and your men!

Marty Gross on guitar, Randy Reinhart cornet, John Allred trombone, John Sheridan piano. Frank Robertscheuten tenor sax, Nico Gastreich bass, Moritz Gastreich drums

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