giovedì 2 aprile 2009

Doctor Jazz with Mae Barnes:Kid Ory

Doctor Jazz Ory Kid/Barnes Mae 1959
In this clip from 1959 the Kid Ory Band with Lil Hardin on piano, Zutty Singleton on drums, Milt Hinton bass, Johnny St Cyr banjo, Red Allen trumpet and Buster Bailey clarinet is the back-up band behind singer and tapdancer Mae Barnes (1907-1996)
She made her start in 1924 in the Broadway show "Running Wild".
A car accident in 1938 fractured her pelvis and she turned to singing. As her cabaret career developed, she moved from dumps to more upscale New York clubs like Cerutti, the Little Casino and the Blue Angel. In the early 1950s she became the main draw of the Bon Soir, the cellar club in Greenwich Village.
She was a favourite of high society and performed in clubs around the world into the sixties.

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