giovedì 9 aprile 2009

Potato Head Blues -- Carlings 1986

Potato Head Blues -- Carlings 1986
During one of their first international jazz festivals the Carling family was invited to play in Poland. Father Hans had trained his kids thoroughly and started the repertoire of course with Louis' Hot Five material.
They play the Patato Head Blues. This is not an easy piece at all. However every youngster has a solid knowledge and understanding of the material. Maybe this is only possible within a family. I never heard so many musicians so together stylewise. Never mind their unbelievable young age, but their musicality, together with fantastic talent and their ability to absorb all this is an effort that most people might pleasantly take for granted, but to me is somewhere beyond comprehension. Hans trumpet, Aina banjo with Max clarinet (17), Gerd piano (15), Gunhild trombone (11) and Ulf drums (7)
Questo brano è stato il cavallo di battaglia di Louis Armstrong

Questo è vero dixieland !

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