lunedì 20 aprile 2009

Second Line Jazzband

Band from Sweden: Jesper Albrektsson (tp, voc), Niklas Carlsson (tb, voc), Per Bach (db), Olof Skoog (ts, cl, voc), Johan Horner (dr), Anders Wasén (bjo). Filmed on 08-09-07 at 20th Jazz Days 2007 Gelsenkirchen (Germany).
The Second Line Jazzband was formed in 1989 and since then has established a position as one of the most popular traditional jazzbands in Europe. Original improvisations and arrangements and a tremendous intensity in their playing have given them oppurtunities to perform at many jazz clubs and festivals, on TV and radio in, for example, England, Germany, Holland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway and, of course, Sweden. Many prominent musicians have guested the band over the years such as Antti Sarpila, Lillian Boutté and Orange Kellin. Their unique style comes from their widely differing musical backgrounds but above all it is the New Orleans revival style which gives them the greatest inspiration and is the kind of music they specialize in. They do best to keep the New Orleans music alive.
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