domenica 19 aprile 2009

Si tu vois ma mere : Bob Wilber

Si tu vois ma mere Wilber Bob 1983

Si tu vois ma mere - Bob Wilber's Bechet Legacy 1983
Live at the Smithonian in 1983 with Glen Zottola trumpet, Mark Shane piano, Chris Flory guitar and banjo, Phil Flanigan bass and Chuck Ridges drums
This is a composition of Sidney Bechet which he wrote when he lived in France in the fifties in the later part of his life.
When I played with Climax Jazz Band our clarinetplayer would often be featured on this tune as well. During the last few years when reedplayer Jim Buchmann had moved to the Okanagan area where I now live he loved to play this tune very much. Jimmy plays the saxello, same tuning as the soprano but a slightly different sound
Thank you Sidney Bechet from all of us!
Grande ,Bechet !

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