lunedì 20 aprile 2009

The Yerba Buena Stompers @San Diego Dixieland Jazz Fest 2006

The Yerba Buena Stompers are a HOT band that performs regularly at festivals and gigs all around the USA.

The name of this tune is, "Emporer Norton's Hunch," written by Lu Watters during his time aboard the S.S. Antigua during WWII.

The band members are: John Gill (banjo, and band leader), Duke Heitger (trumpet), Leon Oakley (trumpet), Tom Bartlett (trombone), Orange Kellin (clarinet), Alan Adams(tuba), Marty Eggers(piano), Clint Baker (drums).

Catch their website above for available CD's, performance schedules and information about the band members.

Thanks to HeliconSteamer for providing me with the band members names and the title of this great melody.

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