martedì 5 maggio 2009

Dinah (by Royal Society Jazz Orchestra)

This is the best version of "Dinah" I've ever heard performed. I filmed it in Sonoma, California, in September, 1999.

This was one of Bing Crosby's early hits from 1932.

The Royal Society Jazz orchestra (, from the San Francisco Bay Area, is one of the greatest traditional jazz bands in the world--and please don't call it Dixieland!

This uptempo arrangement is one of several versions the band has played over the years. Singer Jeff Gilbert is in rare form. Cornet player Kent Mikasa just wails, and Dick Mathias on sax and Andrew Storar on trumpet are at their best, ever. Trombonist Brent Bergman rounds out the horns, with Steve Apple on drums, and bandleader Don Neely does a virtuoso clarinet solo.

Presented with permission from the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra.

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