venerdì 29 maggio 2009

Scott Joplin :The Age of Ragtime

In a modest walk-up flat at 2658A Delmar Boulevard, Scott Joplin and his new bride Belle began their life in St. Louis. It was then called Morgan Street, a busy, densely populated, blue-collar district of African-Americans and German immigrants. Located nearby were the honky-tonks and dives of the notorious Chestnut Valley. This black musical genius, buoyed by his success with the Maple Leaf Rag, was making his move toward the national arena. He would soon be known as the "King of Ragtime."

Lit by gaslight, and appropriately furnished for 1902, the Joplin flat where many ragtime classics were composed awaits your visit. The building also has museum exhibits interpreting Joplin's life and work, and St. Louis during the ragtime era. The new Rosebud Cafe, a reconstructed structure that recreates a local turn-of-the-century bar and gaming club, is available to rent for gatherings.

Let the antique player piano that here once again fills the air with Scott Joplin tunes be your passport back to... The Age of Ragtime

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