mercoledì 6 maggio 2009

Southern Fried Jazz Band

The Southern Fried Jazz Band offers some of the most refreshing and authentic Dixieland jazz the scene today. Its members are show-wise musicians and artists in their own right, all hand-picked by leader Don Edwards. The band includes three horns, four rhythm and female vocals. A master of timing and showmanship, edwards "operates his band like a well-oiled machine..." In addition, he makes sure each member enjoys some time in the spotlight.
The underlying mission of this band is to keep good jazz alive. Music blends with narration and personal anecdote into a seamless history lesson of jazz in America. Instrumentals accented with vocals are stirred with seasoning and spontaneity in a tasty recipe that never fails to "wow" the audience. WIth these ingredients, each performance of the Southern Fried Jazz Band evolves into an experience to be remembered long after it has left the stage

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