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Cinque Terre

Manarola (SP)

Monterosso (SP)

Corniglia (SP)

Riomaggiore (SP)

Vernazza (SP)

Omaggio alle "perle" della Liguria
Cinque Terre
Voglia di mare ?

Perchè non fare una stupenda vacanza alle Cinque Terre, in provincia de La Spezia?Sono certo che rimarrete entusiasti!
Cinque Terre sunset

It is possible to reach the Cinque Terre by train or car. Using the train is strongly advised. The train service is good in the region. Besides, finding a parking is very difficult in summer, since it is not possible enter the villages, except for the residents.

Arriving from northern or southern Italy, the main train station is La Spezia. Here you need to take a regional ("Regionale") train that stops in every Cinque Terre village. Some trains from La Spezia only stop in Monterosso, not all the Cinque Terre towns.
You can find the tickets directly at the train station. You can buy it at the windows or through the self-serve ticket kiosk.
The Cinque Terre day pass is highly recommended if you want to to travel the whole day between the Cinque Terre. The pass expires at midnight and remember to and stamp it at one of the yellow machine in the train station before your departure.


A-12 Highway (Autostrada) Genova - Livorno.
Exit Brugnato-Borghetto Vara if you want to start your Cinque Terre visit from Monterosso. Then, follow the signs to Levanto or to the Cinque Terre. The road till Manarola is very narrow and has lots of blends.
Exit La Spezia-S.Stefano Magra if you want to visit Riomaggiore first, 14 km from the town centre. Follow the signs toward Cinque Terre. The road till Riomaggiore is an easy one and there some possibility to find a parking. Continuing to Manarola the road becomes narrow.
There are small pay parking in Monterosso and Riomaggiore. In summer, they are usually full.
There is a Taxi service in Monterosso, Vernazza and Manarola.

Genoa, Pisa, Florence.

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